Monday, August 6, 2018

Honey Novick : My Writing Day

“When people wake up in the morning, it’s a miracle, they just don’t know it’s a miracle”
                                                                               Rubin “Hurricane” Carter

Sometimes it's a shock and sometimes the day just rolls into my awareness like a mist coming off the lake.  And there it is, a new day with new opportunities or challenges.  But this day started with my taking inventory of my energy.  Is it positive?  It must be in order to write.  Yesterday was a hard day.  I saw an old friend and after hugging me, I just knew, without words that whatever friendship was there before, is just not there.  He looks like my friend, but he doesn't feel like my friend.  it was disturbing for me.  It was grist for this mill to write.  It's not that parting is such sweet sorrow, it's that I've grown and I've changed as well.  I'm a confident, happy human being.  For some people that's daunting.

But today I determined that even in the rain, I will prevail.  The name is Honey, not sugar, I won't melt (nor dissolve).

The exciting thing about this writing day is that I have to prepare to offer a poetry workshop at a community food centre where people value the arts and culture as much as they abhor their hunger and poverty. 

Tomorrow, I will share my own words and then provide excercises that give voice to whoever shows up to own their powers and experiences.  It's very exciting.  A lot depends on the weather.

Today was a day where the mail brought so many gifts that I actually couldn't believe it.  I got GAINS (government assisted income supplement).  I was so shocked into disbelief that I phoned to find out why I was getting $55.00 from my province.

So this writing day is part journal, part check in and part coping with the block of writing poetry.  I tried to feel it but couldn't.  A lot depends on the weather.  It was a hot and lush and sultry day, the kind of day that begs for a good murder mystery and didn't we (the world) get it?  I witnessed a person in a powerful position commit high crimes and misdemeanors and smiled.  Finally, the blinders are coming off and people are seeing that emperor really wears no clothes nor morality.  It is a true mystery.

Sometimes I have to write just to write.  Pick up a pen, turn on the computer and start and see where it goes.  This is that day and this has been my magnificent writing day, a true miracle.

Honey Novick is a singer/songwriter/voice teacher/poet. A full member of the League of Canadian Poets, she has been published in numerous magazines and anthologies. She has 8 collections of poems including LyricalMyrical's Ruminations of a Fractured Diamond; Cancyp's Monday Nights at the Butler's Pantry; Sanguine Encounters With Greatness and the forthcoming Undefeated Relevance.  She also has recorded 8 CDs including Rising Toward The Seraphim; Solid; New Songs for Peace (a product of the UNESCO millennium endeavours), Milton Acorn and The Free Speech Movement; Sal Mineo, My Friend, Elvis Monday Nights and Fat Albert's Coffeehouse artists.

Honey Novick is an awardee of the 2017 Dr. Reva Gerstein Legacy Fund as well as one of the Canada 150 Outstanding Neighbours for "Liter-arti".  She has produced "Womanvoice" for 26 years.  She is artist resource with the Friendly Spike Theatre Band, teaches "Voice Yoga" at the Secret Handshake Gallery, expressive writing at the Diane Frankling Coop and is a part of the Inkwell Writers and High Park Poets.

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