Saturday, July 20, 2019

Constance Schultz : most days we only run once

my writing day is all about distractions and other types of avoidance...

...begins w/2 cups of coffee from a soup mug drunk slow while checking social websites which immediately suck me in


...poetry often created

coulee walls & various
points of the day
...words struggle to be heard between

the time I'm awake & my daughter wakes
up between the time we arrive at the park
& she finishes playing

...notebooks stand ready cameras compete w/Annie &

Steamboat Rock//Northrup Canyon//
Crown Pointe Overlook//all the wildlife in Grand Coulee

all the other coulee views are swimming in soft sand in summer in Spring Canyon

& every time I start
to write my mind//is drawn
//away to nature paths

full of badgers & marmots &
mule deer w/twins//coyotes//
the Canadian Lynx we saw recline on

a large boulder last year & powerful
storms full of canyon winds when the sky wears deeper shades

& always rocks

so many distractions

& words come out
when they want &
fight to be heard louder
than all of that

& if, heaven forbid
my inspiration falters then
we run

Constance Schultz lives near Grand Coulee in Washington State, USA. She writes w/her daughter-who-must-be-mentioned, w/ Winston-the-little-dog-who-thinks-he's-big & all the animals seen/unseen wherever they go. 

She has work in literary magazines around the world including Hidden Channel Zine, Train: a Journal of Investigation, Sobotka Literary Magazine and Empty Mirror

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