Thursday, August 1, 2019

Adam Holoubek: My Writing Day

My writing day typically starts at 4pm on weekends and 9pm on weekdays. Because I’ve been travelling since the age of five between Europe and the USA, my body clock has not adjusted well and made my sleeping patterns a bit irregular. I do not like mornings and the only times I experience their beauty is when I finish writing and watch the sunrise. Due to my multi-media approach, the physical act of writing is only one part of my writing day. Frequently I might just write a few sentences and then spend the night scouring my database for the right footage. Once I have everything in place I import into Final Cut Pro and start the editing process and sometimes add subtitles. On some nights, I am able to finish within two hours, others I work all night until 5am or 6am before going to bed. Nights are really the only time I can focus as everything quiets down and I am not distracted by e-mails and phone calls. It is also when I get my best ideas. On the weekends when it’s nice I might go to the park around 5pm and quickly jot some ideas on paper or on my phone, later that night I edit them and re-edit. During weekdays, I am usually quite busy job hunting therefore my writing day starts after dinner. I also find inspiration in the outside environment and so going out and interacting with people is crucial to the content of my work. The day is spent gathering content and the night is spent putting it together in the right way.

Adam Holoubek is a New York City based poet, photographer, and filmmaker originally from Bratislava, Slovakia. He has spent his life travelling between Europe and North America and is inspired by different cultures found on both continents. His written body of work consists of poetry and prose concerning themes of identity, travel, urban life, and the subconscious. In 2018 Adam published his work titled Spoken Word Transcendence which is available for purchase on his website as well as amazon kindle. Regarding film work Adam received Honorable Mention in 2018 from the L.A. Experimental Film Fest and in 2019 his work was selected for the Mastic Beach Mini Indie Film Fest.

Instagram/Twitter:  @adamhpoet

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