Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Angela Lopes : my (small press) writing day

My place of writing happens where ever I go. There is no reserved zone for it. I work as a philosophy and writing tutor and sometimes even my own writing breaks out just after a tutoring session. I have no such fear of new locations and often they strike a nascence of afresh. The locations where I feel very unwelcomed, I generally can’t write in. However, if these locations have a quiet spot somewhere in them I can often enter some darker deeper part of me, also known as the ancient fear. The locations that exude openness and love are the chosen ones.

I feel most alive in the ocean or the library. My life has been very domestic lately that I pine for the ocean and the library as in overdoses. I’m always interested in places where we are more in the raw, where we recognize the problem of a lack of feeling and feel too much. Especially places where there is no judgement, then it feels home.

Winnipeg-based Angela Lopes is a writer, and editor, and academic tutor of writing and philosophy. She divides her time between São Paulo, Brazil and Winnipeg, Manitoba, where she is an active member in the arts scene and recently worked with the Winnipeg Arts Council’s Creative Placemaking Challenge—an art installation project displayed in the alleys of the city’s West Exchange District. Lopes’s essays and poems have appeared in an array of publications. Bridge Retakes (BookThug, 2017) is her first novel.

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