Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Joseph Cassidy-Skof : My Day of Writing, For A Moment…

Morning is inviting for a moment:
quiet tranquil lighting for a moment.

Nothing is as dead as my savasana
while daydreams are biting for a moment.

headwaters reciting for a moment.

Cell phone throned Kubota orange, making hay.
A pastoral knighting for a moment. 

Humming Highway 7A to Siri.
Fourteen parts air igniting for a moment.

Half-hung wallpaper and window casings
but four walls uniting for a moment.

A flurry of punches above my weight
seize with type-bars fighting for a moment.

Wielding limp shovels under Northern Lights
as if expediting for a moment.

Words/worth living for a day of writing;
my day of writing, for a moment.

Joseph Cassidy-Skof’s poems have appeared in journals, agendas, and workbooks such as Moleskin, Quo Vadis and Hilroy. He was recently published in broadside form by Peterborough’s bird, buried press. Joseph is an English Literature undergrad at Trent University Durham, and lives in the hills of Scugog with his wife, Jesse, and their newborn son, Ellis.

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