Friday, September 11, 2020

A Very Untypical – Typical Writing Day for C. Cimmone

I’ll just go ahead and level with you now: I love my bed. My bed is the only place I can relax, be comfortable from head to toe, oh, and not have to wear pants. Well, I guess I could be pant-free or topless at different writing venues, but I believe that’s frowned upon.

Moving on. My typical writing day starts with coffee. I sit out with the dog (Hammy the standard poodle) and watch him chew cicadas and left-over June bugs. He gets his fill and we head inside to ‘the bedroom.’ He’s a fine gentleman in bed – he only requires I let him lick my arm for a few minutes and then he drifts off into whatever type of REM cycle dogs have.

Once he’s kicking his back legs in a puppy dream, I untangle 15 cords and plug in my laptop. I have a Dell blah blah whatever it is (& insert memory and speed here too) with a touch screen. The touch screen is my BFF because I run a lit mag – Versification – and it helps me scroll through the issue I’m working on and then – BOOM – go into panic mode when something is wrong. Good times.

When I get inspiration, or finally have written a simmering story in my head, I pull up the blankets, turn on an episode of Dateline, Bojack Horseman, or Portlandia, MUTE IT, and get to typing. I prefer silence when I write. Sometimes I can tolerate a bit of background noise, like the sandwich guy ringing my doorbell, but for the most part, I keep it quiet. Yes, I’m THIS boring.

I may get up to grab juice, cheese, hummus, or make a baked potato (with cheese, sour cream and onions). Sometimes I wander around the house to stretch my legs because I’m paranoid of blood clots from sitting so long. No, I’m not that old, I just may have a slight case of hypochondria.

The only complaint I have about my ‘writing area’ is too much light. A lot of light seems to creep in, despite my heavy, green, velvet curtains. I hate the light. I hate noise. Perhaps I am a vampire. Maybe so. Either way, I will forever write in a low lit, cozy and quiet space. Judge me, unfollow me, hate on my choice of binge watching television – I don’t care – just leave my writing sanctuary alone.

C Cimmone is a North American author, comic, and editor. She is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of Versification and serves as Editor-at-Large for Trampset.

Her narrative, creative nonfiction poetry and prose possess dark tones, often emphasizing women’s sexuality, mental health, substance abuse, and coming-of-age.

Her work has been featured in a menagerie of publications.

Follow Cimmone @diefunnier on Twitter and read more about her at

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